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Our Services

Gift Cards Available – Walk-Ins Welcome – We Accept Competitor Coupons

Call us at (816) 453-2445 to make appointment today!

Nail Services

(we do not use product containing MMA)
Acrylic Nails
Provides length, strength and durability.
New Set $25
Fill $15
Pink & White Acrylics
White acrylics at the nail tips and pink acrylics at the nail beds to create a natural looking “French Manicure”. Strong and sturdy. No-yellowing.
New Set $45
Back Fill $35
Pink Fill $25
Silk Wrap
Thin layers of silk fabric applied to the nails creating a natural look and providing lightweight strength. Perfect option for mending weak and split nails.
New Set $50
Fill $35
Liquid Gel Extensions
Thin layers of liquid gel applied to your nails and cured under a UV lamp, creating a permanent shiny finish. Lightweight, natural looking and thin.
Gel Powder
Non-brittle glass finish. Strong and durable
New Set $35
Fill $20


Buff & Polish
Hands $7
Feet $10
French/American/Colored Tips +$5
Gel Top Coat $5
Artificial Nail Removal $15
Nail Repair $3+
Paraffin Wax, Exfoliants, Mask $8
Nail Design/Art $3+


Eyebrows $10
Lips/Chin/Sideburns $10
Full Face $35
Under Arms $20
Arms $30
Full Legs $60
Half Legs $40
Back $45


Individual lashes  $120
Refill  $65
Flare lashes  $40
Refill  $25

Gel Polish

Involves no drilling & is non-abrasive to natural nails. This hybrid polish goes on like nail lacquer & is cured under a UV lamp to dry instantly. Lasts between 2-3 weeks without chipping. Soak off in minutes. Provides strength to natural nails & helps them grow. Over 150 gel colors to choose from!
Gel Polish with Manicure $30
Shape, Buff & Gel Polish $20
Add on Gel Polish with Manicure $15
Add on Gel Polish with Pedicure $20
Gel Soak off or French $5


Basic Manicure $15
Relax in a warm sanitizing hand soak. Nails and cuticles are groomed, arms and hands massaged and nails polished.
The Ice Manicure $24
Start off with a warm hand soak and basic nail and cuticle grooming. Arms and hands are exfoliated with a sea salt Galaxy and then massaged. An ice cooling gel treatment is applied and then finished off with a hot steamed towel.
The Hot Oil Manicure $30
For very dry hands. Basic manicure grooming and exfoliation. Relax in a hot oil hand bath while enjoying a hot oil arm and hand massage. Includes a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dip.
The Galaxy Manicure $35
Treat your hands to a Seafizz effervescent sanitizing soak. Basic manicure grooming followed by an indulging natural sea salt exfoliant and a deep dermal moisturizing wrap. Hot towel therapy and a massage using a moisturizing time-release body butter. This premium manicure is finished off with a paraffin wax dip.


(Magnetic jet, pipeless foot spa with Shiatsu massage chairs)
Basic Spa Pedicure $25
Experience a tranquil and relaxing foot soak. Basic nails and cuticle grooming, heels and calluses are smoothed, legs and feet massaged and given a hot steam towel therapy.
The Ice Pedicure (Required as Basic Pedicure for Men) $30
A basic pedicure plus exfoliating sea salt Galaxy, followed by an ice cooling gel treatment, which is then removed with a steamy hot towel. Feeling the circulation as the hot and cold therapy leaves your skin feeling tingly and glowing.
The Rose Petal or Lavender Pedicure $35
A rose or lavender fragrant soak. Rose fragrance wil have you fall in love all over again or the lavender scent wil relax your mind & spirit. After the basic pedicure grooming, our legs and feet are exfoliated with a rose or lavender scrub. A scented mask wrap, hot towel wrap and an aroma therapy massage follows. A hot steam towel therapy completes your experience.
The Tea Balance Pedicure $40
Soak your feet in a tea bath full of botanical extracts. The tannins released from tea leaves act as an astringent which helps decrease sweating. After basic pedicure grooming, a skin scrub with fragrant sugar crystal sand green tea antioxidant is applied as an exfoliant. A white tea hydrating mask wrap followed by a moisturizing massage full of vitamins and shea butter is applied. Ends with a hot towel therapy giving you balance back in your feet.
The Galaxy Pedicure $45
The ultimate in relaxation pedicure with aroma therapeutic scents that will linger in the salon. Soak your hardworking feet in a chloramine-t sanitizing tablet solution. After basic nail and cuticle grooming, experience a premium natural sea salt Galaxy exfoliant followed by a deep dermal moisturizing wrap. Next is a hot towel treatment and an intense hydrating body butter leg and foot massage. The experience ends with a paraffin wax therapy for the feet to relieve pain and stiffness.
Choice of scents: Milk & Honey (Moisturizing), Lavender & Lemon Grass (Calming) and Citrus & Herb (Revitalizing)